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Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Precast Facade Works:

Known as ‘’Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete’’, this is an unrivaled material in the construction sector with its superior technical charcteristics, various installation alternatives, light weight and unlimited design possibilities. Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Elements are products which are obtained by alkali resistant special glass fibre on moulds with a special concrete mortar prepared by reinforcing with various chemicals through Spray and Premix methods.

Product Preparation : The production of GRC products starts by making a model in the details and measurements indicated in the project. The models are prepared by gypsum, wood, gas concrete or clay materials according to the measurements, pattern, size and installation details of the product to be produced. After the preparation of the model, the molding stage is proceeded. The moulds are prepared from polyester, silicon or sheet iron according to the pattern, size and details of the model. The prepared moulds are greased with a special material and made ready for casting. The casting stage starts after preparation of the special mortar which constitutes the products. The casting process is basically carried out using two different methods.

1) Premix Method: The prepared mortar is filled in the moulds homogenously, kept in a suitable environment for setting, placed in the curing center and removed from the moulds.

Spray Method: The prepared mortar is transferred to special pumping stations and applied in the moulds by spraying via spraying guns. Then it is kept in a suitable environment for setting, placed in the curing center and removed from the moulds.

The products are produced together with iron-equipped system or carcass system with galvanized box profile, depending on the places where installation will be made. After the become ready, the products are packed for transport.

Installation: GRC products are applied by welding, pins, screws or sticking after determining the appropriate method of installation depending on the surfaces where installation will be carried out. Material joints are installed with 5-10mm pointing gaps; these gaps are then filled with special silicon and the process is finished. The İron/steel connection components used during the installation are materials that are either galvanized or painted with two coats of zinc chromate anti-rust. GRC products can be painted with facade paints when desired.
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